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What Physician Entrepreneurs Need To Know About AI

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The idea that robots would someday take over the human race has been a theme in Sci-fi movies for ages. Flicks such as "Terminator," "Robocop," or even "The Matrix" have been hinting at the reality of artificial intelligence (AI), and now it’s not such a far-fetched concept. 

Twenty years down the line, here we are! Not quite in the realm of sentient robots, but in an era where AI is revolutionizing businesses, industries, and health care. 

As a physician, by using AI you can dramatically transform your medical practice and entrepreneurial ventures. Whether your goal is to boost efficiency, enhance patient care, generate additional income, or create marketing campaigns for your side hustle, AI can assist you through the process. 

Here are a few valuable insights you need to know as you enter into this new technological era.

AI Is Not A Replacement, But A Powerful Tool

The first point I need to stress is that AI is not here to replace physicians but to expand their abilities. It's a tool — a powerful one — that can help us to analyze vast amounts of data, make predictions, and assist in decision-making.

The fear of an AI takeover is unfounded in our profession. Remember the panic and resistance when computers first made their way into the workplace? Well, we’re seeing a similar pattern with AI now. But just as computers didn’t steal our jobs but made them easier, AI is posed to do the same.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for certain professions that are considered repetitive, low-skill jobs. AI is radically changing the demand for such professions. High-skill occupations like ours will likely benefit more from AI versus being replaced by it.

Understand AI Algorithms and Their Limitations

To fully harness the power of AI, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of its abilities and algorithms. The intricacy of these algorithms lies in their ability to learn from data, make connections, and offer solutions. But they're not infallible.

Learning the limitations is as crucial as understanding its strengths. It’s important to keep in mind that AI’s decisions are only as good as the data it’s been fed. A faulty data source can lead to skewed results, a phenomenon also known as “garbage in, garbage out.” 

A good prompt is the right starting point to lead AI in delivering research, data, or copy that is usable with very little editing needed. If you're not sure how to get started, I've tried my hand at outlining how to get better prompts from ChatGPT

Streamline Administration With AI

One significant area where AI can bring about radical change is administration. Routine tasks such as scheduling, billing, and patient record management can be automated, freeing up more time for what truly matters: patient care.

If you run a business both in medicine and beyond medicine, AI tools like chatbots can improve customer service, provide instant responses, and build stronger relationships with your patients or customers. AI applications can also analyze user behavior to design more personalized marketing strategies. With a few prompts, you can create outlines for articles, podcasts, or copy for a landing page. 

Staying on the Forefront of AI Innovation

The world of AI is rapidly evolving. Staying on the forefront of this innovation requires a commitment to lifelong learning. Make it a point to update your knowledge regularly and be open to new possibilities. 

The future is here, and it’s exciting to be part of it! Of course, new technology can feel a little uneasy for many of us who grew up with Terminator. Although, embracing this new wave of AI innovations can enhance your medical practice and entrepreneurial ventures, keeping you ahead of the curve. 

Join a Community of Forward-Thinking Peers

Being part of a community means being surrounded by like-minded peers who are also navigating the ever-changing landscape of AI in health care. I enjoy the Passive Income Doc’s Facebook Group as a place to learn, share, and grow. 

Together, we can revolutionize health care and make a real difference in the world. 

What are your suggestions for using AI in health care and entrepreneurship? Share in the comments.

Peter Kim, MD is the founder of Passive Income MD and the creator of Passive Real Estate Academy.

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