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The State of Women in Medicine, in Tweets

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Gender equity in medicine is a big topic these days, but the United States has long a way to go. We’ve collected some tweets to take a peek into the state of women in medicine right now.

2018 was the first year more women were admitted into U.S. medical schools than men, but as Dr. Julie Silver points out, the number of women in leadership positions is another matter entirely.

And yet, a historically male-dominated specialty will see female leadership very soon.

And Yale’s first ever female chair or surgery shares her story with younger female physicians.

While some women in medicine continue to face discrimination and have to defend their credentials…

...there is hope that the next wave of female physicians is inspired, as evidenced by this eight-year-old's homework.

And in a profession where scrubs were not designed for pregnant women, it’s inspiring to see women staying crafty.

And last but not least, to see women leaders in medicine continuing to speak up against the issues that really matter leading to a better experience for those that come after them.

Illustration by Jennifer Bogartz

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