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The Brave Enough Podcast Opens Up About Gender Discrimination, Imposter Syndrome, and More

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This podcast is good for those who are interested in: women in medicine, gender discrimination, collaboration, leadership, burnout, imposter syndrome, motherhood, wage parity, physician wellbeing

Typical length of episodes:  30 minutes

How often a new episode comes out: Once a week

Episode topics: discusses the culture of practicing medicine in a conversational format between women in medicine at different stages in their lives, advocates for the improvement of gender discrimination in medicine

Sample episode — "Overcoming Burnout with Trauma Surgeon Dr. Brittney Culp": In this episode, Brittney Culp, MD, a trauma surgeon shares her story of the burnout she experienced shortly after having her first child. She started to recognize signs of depression in herself, but felt that the level of perfectionism demanded of her role (and medicine in general) thwarted her from admitting this at first. When it started to be debilitating, she joined online forums on Facebook dedicated for women in medicine. This inspired her to form an organization, Doctor Enough, which is aimed at building connections for other women in medicine.

Tidbit about the show: The host first started an online group called Style MD in 2015 geared toward women's fashion and lifestyle. The group gained more than 8,000 female physician members before she decided to switch gears to create Brave Enough.

About the host: Sasha Shillcutt, MD is a cardiac anesthesiologist that has published research in major scientific journals and publications, including JAMA and NEJM. She is also a self-described shoe and lipstick addict. She is a TedX speaker, Master Class teacher, and podcast founder and host. She says that her greatest joy in life is inspiring women to connect authentically.

Listen via: iTunes or the Brave Enough website

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