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The AUA 2023 Brantley Scott Lecture: An Overview of Complex Penile Implant Surgery Provided by One of the World’s Leading Experts

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At this year’s Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS) session of the American Urologic Association (AUA) 2023 national meeting in Chicago, Dr. David Ralph will be giving the Brantley Scott Lecture on challenges in inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) insertion. Dr. Ralph is widely considered a world expert in urology and andrology. He is based in London, UK and has published numerous international articles and book chapters on implant surgery and penile reconstruction for men with sexual dysfunction and transmen after phalloplasty. He will be providing his insights on the national stage. 

The Brantley Scott Lecture is named after the late Professor Scott who was highly respected and most recognized for his pioneering work on the IPP and the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS). He essentially invented the field of prosthetic urology. Only urologists who have made significant impact in reconstruction are invited to give the Brantley Scott Lecture. Dr. Ralph is a fitting choice, especially during a time when implant placement after phalloplasty has become more common as more patients undergo this procedure. 

What are the highlights the attendees should take away from this presentation?

Penile implant surgery is an important option in the surgical management of men with erectile dysfunction. Difficult surgical scenarios like prior implant surgery and Peyronie’s disease can make implant placement more complicated. Expertise in complex implant surgery can help navigate these situations. Dr. Ralph’s experience in complex genital reconstruction allows him to share his management strategies with less experienced surgeons. His experience in phalloplasty and implant placement after phalloplasty will help a subset of reconstructive and prosthetic surgeons better equip themselves for this increasingly in-demand surgery. As phalloplasty procedures increase nationwide, a larger number of patients will want and need penile implants for penetrative sexual function. More urologists will therefore be asked to perform these procedures. Dr. Ralph is an expert in both implant surgery and phalloplasty, which uniquely positions him as the authority in challenging IPP surgeries. Attendees of his lecture will learn about which situations make prosthetic surgery difficult and how to manage them. 

How do these findings and/or conclusions potentially impact clinical practice?

Revision implant surgeries and post phalloplasty surgeries are some of the most challenging prosthetic urology procedures. The surgical strategies cultivated, created, and reported by Dr. Ralph for addressing these difficult cases will help reconstructive and prosthetic surgeons worldwide. 

What else would you like attendees to know about the Brantley Scott Lecture?

The lecture will be moderated by Francisco Martins, MD. Dr. Martins is a consultant urologist at the University of Lisbon School of Medicine. He is a past president of the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons and a widely respected figure in urology worldwide.

Dr. Chen has no conflicts of interest to report.

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