Social Media Was Trending at #ASH2018

At ASH 2018 in San Diego, users took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the conference, including about how the conference highlighted the importance of Twitter and other social media. ASH 2018 put a spotlight on social media this year, with a special session on the topic.

Amber Yates, MD gave a presentation about how social media has helped her career as a pediatric hematologist who specializes in sickle cell anemia. Doximity did an exclusive interview with her at ASH.

Some used Twitter to help engage with the conversation or with others they only knew from Twitter.

Conference-goers also took a meta approach and tweeted about tweets.

And of course, some shared their favorite sessions or funny thoughts.

Others stretched their creative muscles and tweeted their thoughts on the conference in poem-form: 5 syllables, then 7, then another 5 for #ASHHaikus.

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