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SCAI is the Home of Interventional Cardiology

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I am often asked by people, what is this pin you are wearing on your white coat? What is SCAI? After the obligatory explanation of the SCAI acronym, I then (pending the audience) begin my passionate diatribe on the important, expansive and diverse impact of SCAI upon me, on the profession and on healthcare in general.  I usually begin by telling people that SCAI is another home for me and for all involved in interventional cardiology. In essence, it is the ‘LEAVE it to BEAVER’ family model where you feel nurtured and loved while learning critical life lessons.   For me, it has been a home where, as a fellow,  I was able to learn at the annual SCAI Fellows Course and where I was fortunate enough to win a SCAI fellows award that helped fund my early research.  When I became an attending and faced all the challenges that come with being on your own, SCAI has provided me with a family of mentors who continue to support me to this day. These SCAI family members serve as sounding boards for career advice, patient care, and life/work balance. Additionally, SCAI, like a great parent, keeps teaching us throughout our life. SCAI enables us to be lifelong learners through countless SCAI courses/meetings, the expansive learning management system on, or the numerous SCAI apps available including the new SCAI Point of Care app that provides easy access to SCAI clinical documents. SCAI family members also advocate for us as we encounter challenges, including those that we face in our healthcare system. Indeed, SCAI advocates for all of us on Capitol Hill helping to ensure that our healthcare policies have the best interest of our patients in mind. SCAI is also an international Society, helping to provide another home for practitioners in countless countries with various meetings throughout the world. SCAI is the home of interventional cardiology and they welcome new members with open arms as they continue to grow and diversify and do as their mission statement states, ‘to save and enhance lives.’  It is for these countless reasons that I always attend the SCAI Scientific Annual Sessions. This years’ Scientific Sessions in Phoenix were an amalgamation of superb science, extensive learning and great friends. I recommend SCAI to all fellows and attending Interventional Cardiologists as you will find another home in this incredible society. Be it in Phoenix, Orlando, Chicago or Atlanta, no matter the city, going to SCAI’s Annual Scientific Sessions always feels like coming home. Come join us next year in Long Beach and join the family!

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