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PAs Take over NOLA at AAPA 2018

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The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) recently held its annual meeting May 19–23 in New Orleans.

While PAs live busy lives…

Many make time for AAPA’s annual meeting since it is the only national PA conference.

Held in New Orleans, LA, this year’s meeting had all of the local flavor.

The AAPA meeting has become the ideal way to learn the latest news about this growing profession.

It featured inspiring keynote speeches…

…and, of course, important clinical updates.

It was a chance to reconnect with colleagues…

Receive hands-on learning experiences…

Participate in friendly competition…

…and win all of the awards.

That’s a wrap for AAPA 2018! The 2019 annual meeting will take place at the May 18–22 in Denver, CO.

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