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“One-liners” on Matching and Graduation

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“Each minority who dons a white coat is a representation of hope.”

“I’m grateful, nervous, and worried about the cost of living in NYC.”

“In this brave new world, I’ve made it as a physician.”

“I am more than my trials and tribulations, my exam scores, and even my future residency program.”

“Feeling blessed, on top of the world & so grateful for the lessons and challenges.”

“Four years of blood, sweat, and tears were completely worth it.”

“I feel a sense of relief — it finally happened.”

“Generations of doctors before us said that nothing could prepare us for med school and they were right.”

“Match day was the ray of sunshine through the storm that showed me all of my fighting was worth it.”

“I feel grateful for the excellent clinical training, and family I’ve created in the last few years.”

“After four years of constant studying and dedication a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.”

“Everything that has gone on during our time in medical school has caused my classmates and I to have a higher level of advocacy and empathy for our patients.”

"Damn, YOU freaking did it son!"

Special thanks to DianneMarie T. Omire-Mayor MD, Uzma Hussain MD, Abdoul Madjid Kone MD, Micah Brown MD, Ornela Rutagaram MD, Rah-Sha Al-Hassan MD, Margaret S. Pichardo MD, Belita Opene MD, Justen Ahmad MD, Lisa Umeh MD, Justine Lewis MD, Jarvis Garner MD, Navya Kanderi MD, Gary Gibson MD, Marcus Spady MD, Zackary Brown MD, Jamil Williams MD, and Brandon McKenzie MD for contributing their words and congratulations to the class of 2022.

An interview with the author

What was your inspiration? Did other creative works, if any, influence your creation of this piece? 

My inspiration was to create a piece that highlighted my classmates raw, true feelings on matching after such trying times. Going to an HBCU for medical school has been the greatest blessing of my life, and it's the people that make it such an amazing atmosphere. I know we give “one-liners” when we present our patients as medical students, so I wanted to make a play on that in presenting my classmates.

What made you decide to attend an HBCU for medical school?

Howard has been producing real-life game changers and heroes in medicine since 1868. For me, the history of the school, as well as the family atmosphere of an HBCU were huge perks that I could not look past. Everyone at Howard University College of Medicine knows you and treats you like their own. It’s like you’re at home!

Tell us about a memorable moment you experienced during your time at Howard Medical School.

There have been so many moments for me to share! Something that stands out for me is after Match Monday, everyone went to the monuments in DC to celebrate and talk about our achievement. Seeing everyone so happy and smiling after four years of exams, sleepless nights, and seemingly endless stress is something I’ll never forget.

How long have you been writing? What got you started?

I have been writing for various blogs since about 2016. I try to focus on Indian-American experiences or highlighting fellow students in the medical field. I started writing more regularly after a piece about the pressures of being a first-generation American ended up on the Huffington Post after going viral. 

How do you think an HBCU education has influenced how you will practice medicine?

It’s all about patient centered, community driven practice in medicine. Prioritizing listening to our patients and hearing them out, is a lesson that Howard has taught me that I’ll keep with me forever. This submission relates to the importance of highlighting our colleagues in medicine as we achieve and learn together. It is important for us to share our stories and experiences as we progress further in our career.

Gaurav Majmudar is a first year resident and 2022 graduate from the Howard University College of Medicine. He has written about med student and Indian American experiences for numerous media outlets, including the Huffington Post and AAMC. When not working or writing, Gaurav can be found watching NYC sports (go Giants!) or movies in any language.

Illustration by April Brust

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