New Technique for Capsular Contracture of the Breast

With Nina Shaikh MD

How is capusular contracture of the breast normally treated?

Typically, taken them back to the operating room, we’ve open up the breast again taken out the implant taken out the scar tissue and put in a new implant.

What is the aspen rehabilitation technique?

A physical therapist, here in Florida, developed a technique which uses an ultrasound combined with massage and wrapping of the breast. His technique is called the Aspen rehabilitation system. So I contacted him to see if we could do a study on this and in conjunction with the FDA, I’m performing a study in which we are prospectively analyzing women with grade 3 capsular contracture of the breast which means the breast is contracted, it’s firm but it’s not painful. And we’re initially looking at patients with saline implants, underneath the glandular breast tissue, but on top of the muscle.

What outcomes are you looking for?

We want to see the breasts go from being hard and firm to being soft and pliable and if it can be sustained at one year then that will set the device up to hopefully be FDA approved and we are seeing really nice results. It is safe and we haven’t seen any implant ruptures so far.

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