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Microneedling and Energy: When to Use Insulated and Non-Insulated Needles

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With Kenneth Rothaus MD

Difference between insulated and non-insulated needles?

Insulated needle, the energy is only emitted at the tip of the needle they both penetrate deep in the dermis. On the inside of the needle there’s almost like a ball of energy at the end of the needle and it just stays right in the dermis. On the non insulated needle, the energy comes out throughout the entire needle it involves a little of the epidermis. You get a core of thermal injury throughout the dermis and a little throughout the epidermis. Because of that it tends to be a little more hemostatic and there may be less bleeding.

What microneedling device should surgeons use?

The rate limiting factor in these devices is pain. To get the best results you need a lot of energy and as you increase energy you increase pain. I think the dilemma of the plastic surgeon who is using these devices is to figure out the best way to deliver the energy and keep the patient comfortable.

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