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Highlights of the 2023 SCVS Meeting: Balancing Collegiality, Science, Socializing, and Mentorship in Miami South Beach

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Held in Miami, South Beach, the annual 2023 SCVS meeting was a perfect balance of collegiality, science, socializing, and mentorship. This meeting had something for everyone. The Rising Seniors, Incoming Fellows, Young Vascular Surgeons, Fellow and Chief Residents Programs started the meeting off with a bang for those just entering or in the early phases of their careers. The Top Gun competition is always a highlight, especially when paired with the Women’s Reception, including wine and bracket challenges. The initial meeting session was focused on "Private Practice and Its Impact on Vascular Surgery." This was especially timely, as the society has its origins in private practice.

The integration of diversity papers into the sessions, including invited speakers, was exceptionally well done by the program committee. Using the “Scales of Justice-Promoting Healthcare Equity” to identify these presentations made it easy for all to follow the DEI presentations. Special interest breakfast sessions added time for venous, dialysis, congenital, pediatric, thoracic, and abdominal aortic case presentations/discussions. Full-length presentations, mixed in with mini-presentations, helped to broaden the scope of topics covered. The invited Distinguished Visiting Professor, Dr. Michael S. Conte, presented: "Evidence-based Revascularization for Limb Threatening Ischemia-A Journey for Our Specialty." This timely, thoughtful, authoritative presentation will hopefully be published as a reference for everyone to use.

The session focusing on education and training included "Second Victim Syndrome" information, as well as opportunities to tailor the trainee and faculty evaluation processes. The International Panel and Presidential Address are always highlights of the program. Dr. Sean Roddy’s “50 Years Strong” reminded all of us of the evolution and history of the Society of Clinical Vascular Surgery, including the roots of clinical patient care, the evolution of the educational focus, and the educational partnership with industry.

Martin Sylvain was introduced as an honorary member for his leadership and industrial support for the society. The session "Leadership is Crucial to Vascular Surgery” was insightful, with something suitable for any time in the life cycle of the vascular surgeon. A focus on listening was stressed as a critical underutilized tool. The social events and breaks allowed time to mingle with colleagues and industry partners. Many of the giants in vascular surgery were in attendance, including Dr. Frank Veith, who was there for a book signing of his biography “The Medical JUNGLE: A Pioneering Surgeon’s Battle to Revolutionize Vascular Care and Challenge the Medical Mafia." 

The Karmody poster competition and debates helped complete the program. The afternoon off allowed all to decompress. Social events and connecting with friends were encouraged, ending with the SCVS 50th Anniversary Celebration. The diversity and depth of the programming had lots to offer for all with an interest in the practice of vascular surgery regardless of career stage. Hopefully, the program next year can be as stimulating for everyone. It will be hard to match. See you March 16-20, 2024 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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