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Exclusive: Highlights and Interviews from ASH 2018

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Doximity had the opportunity to talk to a number of ASH speakers and attendees this year. Hot topics included CAR-T and other immunotherapies, the evolution of myeloma treatments and prognosis, revolutionary non-malignant hematology, social media in hematology, and more.

1. We talked to Dr. Jonathon Cohen from the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory about his presentation on “Novel Therapies for Relapsed/Refractory Aggressive Lymphomas,” and he shared his thoughts on the challenges and need for advocacy for CAR-T therapy.

2. Dr. Chandler Park shared his picks for the top five studies that came out of ASH 2018.

3. Dr. Sagar Patel, a bone marrow transplantation specialist and Advanced Fellow from Cleveland Clinic shared his excitement for the REACH trial, which he described as “an important trial not only for the potential clinical impact on millions of children living in low resource countries, but also tested the feasibility, the safety, and impracticality of actually implementing this on a large scale.

4. Dr. Aref Al-Kali from Mayo Clinic discussed the state of myeloid malignancies.

5. A special emphasis was placed on the power of social media, and Dr. Amber Yates, a Co-Director of the Sickle Cell Center at Texas Children’s Hospital and Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine gave an enlightening talk on “How Social Media Has Helped My Career/Practice as a Hematologist” and shared some exclusive tips with Doximity.

In keeping with this theme, we rounded up the best tweets from ASH here and here.

ASH attendees also contributed Doximity-exclusive opinion pieces.


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