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Exclusive: Highlights and Interviews from ASCO GI 2019

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Doximity had the opportunity to talk to a number of ASCO GI speakers and attendees this year. Hot topics included immunotherapy combinations, the evolution of neuroendocrine tumor prognosis and treatment, the rise of transplant oncology, and more.

1. We talked to Dr. Bassel El-Rayes, who leads the GI Oncology program at Emory University and is an Associate Cancer Center Director at Winship Cancer Institute. He presented on the latest in pancreatic cancer and “Novel Strategies on the Horizon for Systemic Disease” at ASCO GI 2019. He spoke with Doximity about his work and how the field has changed in light of new therapies.

2. Dr. Erik Mittra presented on the evolving landscape of neuroendocrine tumors, specifically “PRRT: Sequencing and Navigating the Treatment Armamentarium,” at ASCO GI 2019. He discusses with Doximity his presentation and the challenges of clinical trials in the US.

3. Dr. Majella (Maria) Doyle, a transplant surgeon and hepatobiliary surgeon at Washington University in St. Louis, presented on “Liver Directed Therapy for Primary Hepatic Malignancies” at ASCO GI 2019. She discusses her presentation and the changing field of transplant oncology.

4. Dr. Harry Yoon is an Associate Professor of Oncology and Co-Chair of Gastric/Esophageal Cancer Disease at Mayo Clinic. A number of abstracts from his group were presented during the Cancers of the Esophagus and Stomach Session at ASCO GI 2019. He discusses his research and reflects on the exciting changes coming through the oncology pipeline.

5. We also spoke with Dr. Yelena Janjigian, a medical oncologist and Chief of Gastrointestinal Oncology Services at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. She discusses her clinical trial results with Doximity and reflects on the transformation of her field.

ASH attendee Dr. Mohamed Salem also contributed a Doximity-exclusive opinion piece. He reflects on the top takeaways from ASCO GI 2019. Not surprisingly, personalized medicine remains a hot topic.

We also created a Twitter roundup to highlight some of the things that doctors were tweeting about.

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