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E-cigarettes Found to Be Growing Risk Among Adolescents

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Doximity interviewed Drs. Lewis First and Alex Kemper from the journal Pediatrics.

Lewis First, MD: Nothing could be more prevalent with our adolescents right now than E-cigarettes I presented five studies as to why teenagers are getting into them, why they do it, what the myths are that they believe that they’re going to be safe and we debunked that myth, what happens to them in terms of risk-taking behaviors and then we went on to talk about something called dripping. Did you know what dripping was until we put that article in our journal?

Alex Kemper, MD: I had no idea what dripping is and I’m the parent of two late teenagers, so you would think that I would know something about it once I heard what you found.

Lewis First, MD: Well, dripping is where they take the liquid in these devices take the device apart and just drop the liquid on an atomizer and just breathe in the giant puffs of smoke that are just laced with toxins that could affect these teenagers. Not good and I was struck by how many pediatricians did not know about dripping and hopefully the article that we linked to as well as what we just discussed will make them much more savvy to it when they see teenagers in their office.

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