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App of the Week: Pulse Postop Care

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Summary of app features: Pulse allows physicians to easily engage in their patient’s recovery from surgery by remotely monitoring their symptoms. In addition, physicians can assign daily physical therapy exercises, complete with video demonstrations and instructions. Through the app, patients can track their progress over time and directly contact their provider about any complications.

This app is useful for: surgeons performing joint replacement surgeries to use with their patients.

Good User Review: “This app is great!! If your really think about it, this app is dynamic and can greatly reduce the need for having physical therapist visit after surgery, and enhance any experience if a nurse were to come out for a house visit! I’ve used this app everyday and it provides a closer connection to the patient and the doctor post surgery.” — R-MacCo on the App Store

Limitations: While this app works great remotely, it cannot replace the benefit of in-person check-ups throughout recovery. In addition, the app is currently only limited to joint replacement surgeries.

Alternatives: PeerWell is a similar app, providing “prehab” and rehab management for a wider variety of procedures such as ACL and spinal surgery.

Download: For the cost of a subscription, providers can download their version of the app on the App Store or on Google Play. Patients can download the app on the App Store or on Google Play for free.

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