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An Ode to Flu Season

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The flu season is here, and it’s hitting us pretty hard. The following is a Dr. Seuss-style interpretation of how doctors like me feel about the push against vaccines, like the flu vaccine.

What does it take

To get through to you?

Do you know what it’s like,

When you have the flu?

Do you have any clue

As to what it could do,

To you, or your child,

Or your grandmother, too?

Have you read up on this?

Have you searched in the books?

Like, the real ones — the science,

Not ones by the crooks.

Have you heard in the news,

When they spoke of a death?

Not by opioids, suicide,

Murder or meth.

It was flu — and it killed -

It’s the latest disaster.

I’d suggest that you vaccinate

Go now. Go faster!

I get that the media

Says 10 percent,

But why are they saying it?

What’s their intent?

Who do you want

To tell you the news?

In medicine, health -

In the world of boo-boo’s?

Doctors — yes,

Those of us medically trained.

We’re competent, smart,

But quite honestly drained.

We’re tired of fighting,

Of teaching the truth.

We feel quite frustrated,

A mad Michael Bluth.

So please pay attention,

And cut us some slack.

We know what we’re saying,

So please have our back.

If you haven’t already,

We suggest that you do,

Get vaccinated now,

And help others live, too.

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