ADA 2018: Dr. Israel Hodish on Digitally Enhanced Insulin Therapy

Dr. Israel Hodish presented research findings on digitally enhanced insulin therapy at the 78th Scientific Sessions for the American Diabetes Association(June 22–26) in Orlando, FL.

Doximity discussed the research with Dr. Hodish at ADA 2018. Below is a transcript of the video interview.


Doximity: What is novel about this approach to insulin therapy?

Hodish: It’s the first time that we are able to provide successful insulin therapy for most patients, which is fully scalable.

Doximity: What led you into this area of research? Where do you see it heading in the future?

Hodish: It goes back to my early fellowship period in the University of Michigan when I noticed that many hormonal replacement therapies work very well, such as thyroid hormones, adrenaline hormones, and so forth.

Except for one hormone, which is the most common that we prescribed: namely insulin. I was fascinated by this paradox that we nowadays call in my group “the insulin paradox” and it led to this development of technology.

Doximity: When do you see clinician putting this into practice?

Hodish: Actually right now, as of last Thursday, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan [has] allowed it for all of their subscribers in Michigan_—free of charge without copay—_so we expect it to start in the fall.

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