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5 Stories of Amazing Women in Medicine, Just in Time for a Month Celebrating Them

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September is Women in Medicine Month and to celebrate women we are highlighting some of the stories that have been published about some amazing women in medicine. These profiles are about the experiences, journeys, and lessons that these female clinicians have to share. 

The Doctor Who Gives Out Recipes Like Prescriptions

This pediatrician fights childhood obesity by providing healthy recipes to families in order to positively influence daily eating habits.

The Nurse Practitioner That Writes for Herself, Her Patients, and Her Colleagues

A pediatric nurse practitioner uses creative writing and narrative medicine to increase interprofessional relationships and provide better patient-centered care.

The Greatest Privilege, and Liability, of Being in Medicine

This internist, also best-selling New York Times author, uses her personal experiences with grief over the death of her husband to cancer in order to educate and advocate for clinician-wellness and for better end-of-life quality care for patients.

Female Physicians See a Problem and Launch a New Business to Fix It

Three female physicians take on unique ways to help their patients become more informed and live healthier lives. An emergency medicine physician has developed a network aimed to provide a more holistic and well-informed approach to patients taking control of their own care. A urologist has created an app to provide education on UTIs. An ob/gyn created a deodorant for underarms and private parts as a way to decrease incorrect diagnoses and treatments.

Be a Human First and a Doctor Second

An oral surgeon talks about the importance of compassion in being a clinician. Not only does compassion increase the quality and depth of patient-clinician interactions, but it can also decrease the burnout felt by so many clinicians.

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