10 Tweets Med Students Can Relate To

Image by Jennifer Bogartz

Med school is a difficult time. With the immense amount of material to learn, patients to assist with, and tests to pass, sometimes the stress can get to you. Thankfully, there is always humor — and after all, laughter is the best medicine (add that treatment to your study list.)

Here are ten tweets that you will feel in your skeletal system.

1. When you discover the meaning of an abbreviation that changes your life:

2. When you’re faced with the same amount of pressure you feel providing music in the car, in surgery:

3. When you’re studying “sensitive” information that might garner some looks in the library:

4. When information isn’t in your brain enough throughout the day and invades your night as well:

5. When you’re feeling that waiting-for-a-residency-interview struggle:

6. When you have your purchasing priorities in order:

7. When you’re looking at the loans you’ve taken out:

8. When you’re trying to remember what all the symptoms of Huntington’s or Crohn’s are:

9. When you’re feeling a little lackluster about your outfit:

10. When you overhear the higher-ups planning to make your life harder still:

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