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10 Tweets All Women in Medicine Can Relate To

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Illustration by Jennifer Bogartz

Having a career in a field that’s been traditionally dominated by men can be tough for women in medicine. Every day brings its unique set of ups and downs, just a few of which are captured in these tweets.

  1. Dealing with being called by the wrong title:

2. Fighting the imposter syndrome through medical school, residency, and fellowships:

3. Thinking about how many clothes you could have purchased with what you spent applying for school:

4. Having brains and beauty because they are not mutually exclusive:

5. Telling people again that yes, you are indeed the doctor in the house:

6. Reminding yourself that women have long been in medicine:

7. Putting together a great team where you all think alike:

8. Knowing that other women in medicine have your back:

9. Getting recognized for all the grueling work and hours you’ve put in to earn the title you have:

10. Lifting other women in medicine because success is a group effort:

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