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Why Clinicians Are Tweeting About Being #HealthyinHC

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Illustration by Wendy Gu

A physician recently tweeted with the hashtag #HealthyinHC in the hopes of starting a conversation and movement to get those in medicine to take better care of themselves (maybe starting with healthier, less-crazy lunches).

Since the inception of the tag, twitter users in healthcare have been adding to the conversation about how they take care of themselves, from teaching their spouse how to help them unwind,

to talking about the emotional impact of fields like palliative care,

to realizing that just because you save lives, you’re not a superhero,

to unplugging and living in the moment when you have one,

to checking “relax” off of your mental checklist,

to finding ways to have a good shift,

to eating right by cooking once and prepping for the week,

to processing the thoughts and emotions of the day,

to simply “being”,

to understanding that there’s always a tomorrow, and you have to take care of yourself to take care of others.

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