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Twas the Night Before Match Day

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Every year, Match Day provides an opportunity for medical students across the U.S. to gather with their loved ones in anticipation of the next phase of their clinical career. As one doctor, Kamilah Evans, MD, put it: “It’s the medical NFL draft and that’s how I approached it.” It’s a hectic week, from school-wide ceremonies to more intimate gatherings around a computer. We asked a collection of practicing doctors what they remembered from their Match Day.

Doximity: Where were you 24-hours ahead of the Match? 

I had some of my close friends and family members fly in to celebrate Match Day with me. I did some self-care essentials like getting my nails done and customizing it to say “Obgyn” because I am extra like that and why not be extra on Match Day! I went shopping, ate good food, and was surrounded by loved ones.  - Kamilah Evans, MD, Ob/Gyn (Matched 2021)

Dox: Who did you spend time with ahead of the Match? 

I made plans to meet up at my favorite breakfast spot to enjoy donuts and high-calorie comfort food with a friend who wasn't in medicine. We talked about everything except the Match, which was intentional! They weren't a significant person in my life, but it was someone who at the time served as an amazing distraction … and it wasn't someone from my class (didn't want to sit in nervous energy all [morning]). - Chioma Udemgba, MD, Meds/Peds (Matched 2016)

Dox: How did you feel ahead of the Match? 

Prior to the Match we were both very anxiously awaiting the result because you never truly know the outcome until Match Day. It was certainly a time for reflection of our journey through medical school and the sacrifices it took to get there. - “Twin Docs” Jeremy Hogstrom, DO, and Jermaine Hogstrom, DO, Internal Medicine (Matched 2020) 

I just kept reminding myself of what our advisors kept saying: Regardless of where you Match, you've Matched. Even if it wasn't your No. 1 ranked program, in that moment it becomes your number one. So I tried my best to think positively and focus on that. And for our Match Day event, I got all glammed up, because I always enjoyed getting gussied up and feel that in order to feel good, I first have to look good. - Chioma Udemgba, MD, Meds/Peds (Matched 2016)

Dox: What was the best meal, snack, or beverage that you remember having before the Match?

I'm from Mississippi, the REAL South. So I went with my tried and true — COMFORT food. It's in the name. It's comforting to eat. That morning, I think I must have eaten like 2,500 calories worth of donuts, including my favorite one which was a caramel glazed donut topped with bacon. LOL. Calories don't count when you're eating while nervous. All that anxiety and stress just burns it all off, right? - Chioma Udemgba, MD, Meds/Peds (Matched 2016)

Dox: How well (or poorly) did you sleep the night before the Match?

Sleep the night before Match Day?? what is that?? I already deal with bad insomnia so my anxiety got the best of me that night. I don’t think I got one hour of sleep that night. I remember my alarm going off in the morning and my eyes were already open, waiting for it to go off. - Kamilah Evans, MD, Ob/Gyn (Matched 2021)

Dox: Do you have any advice on how to survive the last 24 hours before the Match? 

Try not to doubt yourselves, and trust your decisions. Having a support group is very important. Whether it be friends or family, make sure you have someone you can talk to.  Yes, you will be anxious but try not to dwell on it. This is also a time for celebration of your accomplishments because surviving medical school is no easy task. - “Twin Docs” Jeremy Hogstrom, DO, and Jermaine Hogstrom, DO,

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