Lifting the Voices of Women in Medicine

Image: one line man/Shutterstock

In honor of Women In Medicine Month, we wanted to highlight some of the stories penned recently by female writers in the Doximity Authors program. This year, our class consists of more than 30 women. Here are 5 recent stories from some of our female Authors — some about their experiences as female physicians, and some just about life in medicine.

3 Tips to Ease the Imposter Syndrome Struggle

A Psychiatrist shares tips that she encourages her patients to use — and that she also uses herself — to combat Imposter Syndrome.

I’m an ER Doc and I Have No Friends

This Emergency Physician gets real about why she has no friends in her coworkers.

Where Are All the Women?

After hearing a hopeful statement from her daughter, a Medicine/Pediatrics physician reflects on the dearth of women in medicine that are lifted up to board positions.

“I’d like to See the Male, Silver-Haired Attending, Please.”

A Pediatrician reflects on instances when the patient just isn’t satisfied with what their young, female physician has to say.

The First Time I Attended a Patient’s Funeral

In this emotional piece, an OBGYN remembers the first patient funeral she attended, and how it taught her the limitations of medicine.

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