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Exclusive: Highlights from ASCO 2019

Op-Med is a collection of original articles contributed by Doximity members.

ASCO 2019 Conference attendees had the opportunity to write about what they found interesting, impactful, and relevant to their practices, research, and patients.

Research Updates

Dr. Alison Chang, UCLA Oncology Fellow, and Dr. Deborah Jean Lee Wong, specializing in head and neck cancers, report on the exciting direction of research and future treatment possibilities for patients with head and neck cancers that they have learned about.

Dr. Nancy Davis, specializing in Genitourinary Oncology, reports on the latest research in genitourinary cancer that were the most interesting and applicable to her patients.

Dr. Noelle Loconte, specializing in Gastrointestinal Cancer, summarizes research that was completed by Dr. Andrea DeCensi and colleagues on the effects of low dose tamoxifen, also known as “babyTam.”

Drs. Mohamad Sonbol and Tainos Bekaii-Saab give their take on the POLO trial, which has the potential to be a “strategy in the choice of therapy based on a genomic marker in the PDAC,” but isn't practice-changing quite yet.

Dr. Katharine Price, specializing in Hematologic Oncology, reports on the forward movement, momentum, and collaboration seen in salivary gland cancer research presented.

Dr. Andre Goy, chairman and executive director of John Theurer Cancer Center, shares updates in CAR T cell therapy, including abstracts that were shared at ASCO and ongoing trials.

Reviews and Other Learnings from the Conference

Dr. Michael Fisch, Medical Director for Medical Oncology Solutions, discusses the appropriate use of social media and themes that resonated throughout the conference: patient-centeredness and professionalism.

Dr. Kimryn Rathmell, specializing in Genitourinary Oncology and Hematologic Oncology, takes the time to reflect on her experience at ASCO, noting its diversity, focus on career development, and the resurgence of science.

Dr. Shikha Jain, specializing in Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary and Hematology Oncology, discusses her views and insights on not just addressing health equity in medicine, but also gender equity in the medical workforce.

Dr. Jame Abraham, specializing in Breast Cancer and Hematology Oncology, reflects upon a session with the most important take-away being that he attends this conference “to meet people, learn from them, connect with them, and uncover new ways to help [his] patients.”

Dr. William Oh, Chief of the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology at the Mount Sinai Health System, shares his advice on what to do if you have a technical malfunction while speaking at a medical conference, like what happened to him at this past ASCO.

Dr. Jennifer Lycette, specializing in Hematologic Oncology and Medical Director at CMH/OHSU Cancer Care Center, talks about the length of time it takes her patients to receive approval to the FDA’s Expanded Access Program.

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