Cardiologists Share Their Thoughts on (And Skepticism Of) the New Apple Watch ECG Feature

Illustration by Pooja Pradhan

With the announcement of the newest Apple phone and Watch iteration on the 12th came the news that Apple was further stepping into healthcare. The Apple Watch Series 4 will come equipped with a heart monitor, that Apple claims will be able to diagnose Atrial Fibrillation and perform an ECG.

AHA President Ivor Benjamin made an appearance on stage to endorse the Watch, which didn’t sit well with one user:

Others wanted to know how useful an ECG would be if the data wasn’t taken into consideration with the full patient.

And while others wondered how the features could replace tools and physicians….

…others were critical of its accuracy.

Some were hopeful that the increased awareness for heart conditions would be beneficial, while others thought the probability of getting a false positive would lead to more crowded hospitals.

What do you think: is the new Apple Watch ECG feature helpful or harmful?

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