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Can Radiology Learn From Fast Food Slogans?

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We hear about many catchy slogans for fast food restaurants on television. Although not so healthy for our waistlines, these restaurant advertisements motivate millions to go there in droves and bring in billions of dollars each year. So, if these slogans can stimulate so many customers to buy their food, perhaps, these same slogans can drive radiology residents to be better. What can we learn from these slogans that we can apply to radiology residents? Well, that is why I am here: to make connections where you think none have ever existed! So, let us go through some ten famous fast food slogans and see how we can apply them to our daily work!
Your Way, Right Away (Burger King)
For most of you already in or having completed radiology residency, I think this one is self-explanatory. But, we live in a world where the demands for immediate readings of imaging studies have become intense. So, I think it is fair to say we live at the mercy of the ordering clinicians. And, it always seems to be your way, right away!

Sometimes You've Got To Break The Rules (Burger King)
As radiology residents, we can't always follow the rule books. In that same vein, we can't always follow imaging protocols the exact way. And for that reason, we need to tweak protocols and situations for individual patients. And, Burger King has known this fact for years. Therefore, maybe we should follow their advice as well. Burger King, once again you are wise!

You Deserve A Break Today (McDonald's)
Radiology residency can lead to some serious studying and hard work every time we are on call or every day that we work. But, as McDonald's says, sometimes you need a break. Maybe, you go on vacation or get lucky as the electricity turns off all the equipment in the middle of the night. Or perhaps, you work on a lovely snow day preventing anyone from arriving at the hospital. Sometimes, we need a break from the difficult work of radiology.

I'm Lovin' It (McDonald's)
Many times, we don't appreciate where we are and how we arrived here. Well, we need take the time to sit back and smell the roses. We have picked a great profession with multiple exciting challenges and a decent income. McDonald's has it right. Sometimes, we need to say "I'm loving it!"

Where's The Beef? (Wendy's)
When we perseverate about our cases, we should heed Wendy's slogan. In these situations, what should we be focusing on instead of worrying about all the extraneous information? We should be concentrating on the meat of the matter (or "the beef"). So, I take Wendy's slogan to heart. Whenever we look at a case, do what Wendy's would do. Make sure to ignore the noise a focus on the beef.

Makin' It Great Again And Again (Pizza Hut)
We cannot be great just once. If we make a fantastic call and miss many others, you might get sued! So, we need to be on our best game not just once, but again and again. Thanks, Pizza Hut for reminding us of this!

Little place, BIG TASTE (Checkers)
On any given day, you may think about our role in the scheme of things as very little as you understand your place as a radiology resident. But, when you miss something, the impact can become great. Therefore, although you feel like you play a small position in the clinical world, in reality, you leave a large footprint behind you!

Think Outside The Bun (Taco Bell)
You're right, Taco Bell. We can't always emulate our fellow clinicians who sometimes merely use a checklist to make sure they have worked up the patient appropriately. Instead, we have to think about our patients differently to give them the most appropriate care. Who knew that a Taco Bell slogan could serve as a such an excellent example for radiology residents?

Eat Fresh (Subway)
This one is a bit more literal. You know, when we come into work we owe it to ourselves and our patients to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Well, how do we do that? Subway recommends to "eat fresh." And, I couldn't agree more. We have to makes sure that we provide our bodies with the nutrients that we need to use our brain as well as possible as get as much sleep so that we can perform at our peak every day. Good point, Subway!

We Don't Make It Until You Order It (Jack In The Box)
Now, this one is crucial. It is for our fellow clinicans. Clinicians, please rememebr to order you imaging before you ask for results! You can't expect us to complete an imaging study for you unless you have ordered it first. Just like Jack In The Box, we don't perform the procedure until you order it. Don't forget!

Fast Food Slogans And Radiology Residency
See, I bet you can't believe how prescient these slogans are for the average radiology resident. Of these slogans, each sends important messages we should all take to heart. So, the next time you hear a fast food restaurant slogan, instead of thinking about running to the restaurant for some food, make sure to think about how it can make you into a better doctor!

Barry Julius, MD, is a board-certified radiologist at St. Barnabas Medical Center. He is the developer of an educational website. He is a 2018–19 Doximity Author.

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