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App of the Week: Medication Guide

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Summary of app features: This app is essentially an index of prescription medications, which includes a search feature for drug side effects. In addition, the app includes a pill identifier by imprint, shape, and color. Patients can also check for drug interactions of their current prescriptions.

This app is useful for: any medical provider or patient with questions about prescription medication descriptions or interactions.

Good User Review: "Very handy to have on my phone. It's easy to use and provides clear and understandable information. I like the drug interactions checker, especially when my [physician] prescribes something new. Just reading through side effects sometimes gives me a question to ask my [physician] and/or pharmacist. I highly recommend this app.” — Peggy Summers on Google Play

Limitations: The number of drugs in the database and search options are limited on this free version. More features are only available through paid versions of the app. The app also does not distinguish between rare and common side effects of medications.

Alternatives: Epocrates Medical References is also a drug reference for physicians, sporting many of the same features.

Download: Free on the App Store or on Google Play.

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