AHA Had Science, Data, and Puppies

At the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia, there was a plethora of science, networking, and puppies.

Yes, puppies. 

After Circulation announced data that showed the association of dog ownership with a better outcome after a cardiovascular event, dog owners everywhere rejoiced. The American Heart Association has taken it one step further, inviting furry friends to the Sessions.

Needless to say, it was a popular fixture. Attendees took to Twitter to show off the furry friends.

But attendees didn’t forget that they were there for science, drawing comparisons between puppy therapy and some of the data announced at the meeting.

But the conference didn’t just have puppies. It had on-site childcare…

… and a Hamilton performance.

Some attendees were conflicted because the puppy appearance was sponsored by Amgen, and it was a lot of stimulation for the young dogs.

But others maintained it was something to brag about.

And, unsurprisingly, Twitter users in other specialties want to spot puppies at their next medical conference, too.

Who knows what next year’s AHA conference will have!

Image: Naletova Elena / Shutterstock

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