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ADA 2022: Innovations in Diabetes Foot Complication Translational Research

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What are the highlights that attendees should take away from your presentation?

From bench to bedside, we’ll be discussing our translational research at Keck Medicine of USC. We will review the impairment of the endogenous diabetic stem cell niche and how that can lead to complications with healing. We will also discuss some of the studies we are doing to evaluate ways to improve the healing potential of our diabetic patients and how translational research can result in improved outcomes. 

How do these findings and/or conclusions potentially impact clinical practice?

We hope that further advances will help us understand how to improve patient care and improve healing potential. We hope this will encourage clinicians to ask questions and expand their collaborative network with basic scientists. Clinicians need to drive innovation in the lab to expand upon and improve patient care.

What else would you like attendees to know about your presentation?

I completed a dual Doctor of Podiatric Medical Degree (DPM) and PhD degree with a research focus on evaluating the potential for stem cell-mediated repair in non-healing ulcerations. My studies evaluated the endogenous stem cell niche and deficiencies in wound healing in diabetic and aging populations. My project was supported by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and I was the first DPM/PhD candidate to be awarded the ADA’s Clinician Scientist Training grant. This project earned me the recognition as the inaugural Young Investigator Award by the Journal of Stem Cells Translational Medicine; it also served as the foundation for my continued research at USC. As a podiatrist I understand the impact a loss of mobility can have on my patients' productivity and quality of life. Utilizing translational medicine is an area we hope to continue to expand to improve patient care.

What are 3–5 questions you would ask attendees about the topic of your presentation to spark an engaging conversation?

What are ways that clinicians can delve into translational medicine? How did you form your collaborations?

Why do patients with diabetes develop complications such as poor wound healing? Are there any ways to improve their endogenous state?

What are the ways basic scientists and surgeons collaborate?

Dr. Shin has no conflicts of interest to report.

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