About Op-Med

What is Op-Med?

Op-Med is a place for Doximity members to share their stories and experiences. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the views of Doximity. The information here is not a substitute for clinical advice.

How do I submit?

Send an email to opmed@doximity.com. Please include "Submission" in the subject line. Include in the email:

  • A Google or Word document with your 600-1000 word final draft (we do not accept PDFs)
  • Your Doximity profile URL (Note: At this time, we only accept articles by authors who are MD/DOs or students, NPs or students, PAs or students, CRNAs or students, or PharmDs or students. Authors of other credentials may co-author with someone of the accepted credentials.)
  • A one-to-two sentence, third-person bio. Your bio should disclose any conflicts of interest you have.

Please do not include sensitive patient information in your submission. This includes patient ages, patient names, and dates of treatment. If you include altered patient names or details, please write a disclaimer stating you have done so. Polished final drafts only. Please include any and all references you used to write your piece, hyperlinks preferred.

We reserve the right to make edits for grammar and clarity, and to retitle the piece. By submitting your article to Op-Med, you grant Doximity a license to publish your article on Op-Med and on Doximity's platform. You retain the rights to anything you write for Op-Med; however, we reserve the right to allow other sources to re-publish your content elsewhere, with credit to you. Op-Med does not allow withdrawal of submissions or posts. By submitting to us, you are giving us permission to publish your piece and all that entails. For example, you may not withdraw because your piece got published elsewhere first, because you no longer agree with what you wrote, or because the reception of the article was not favorable. We reserve the right to decide to retract a piece once it’s been published.

What do I write about?

Whatever topic related to medicine you'd like. You can write about work-life balance, a lesson learned through a patient experience, your opinion about new guidelines, or something else you're passionate about.

If you prefer to express yourself creatively through poetry, fiction, or visual art, audio, etc., submit to our Creativity in Medicine series. Click here to send in your Creativity in Medicine submission.

Please note: We do not accept submissions that are advertisements or promotional, are disparaging toward a member, patients, or group on Doximity, are written for a patient audience, are medically irrelevant, are a thesis or abstract, or that are unoriginal or plagiarized. We do not accept press releases or articles written in the third person.

Can I share something I've already written?

Yes. If you have previously published the submission on a personal blog and want to re-publish here, that's fine. Please send it as a Word or Google document and include a link to the original post at the bottom of your submission.

Can I be anonymous?

We allow anonymity on a special case-by-case basis. Please specify in your submission why you feel you need anonymity for your piece and we can have a discussion. You will still need to send your Doximity profile URL in your submission email so we can verify you are a member. We promise not to share your identity with others.

Can I include photos in my piece?

You are welcome to send along photos if you have permission to use them. Please include credits when applicable. We reserve the right to change photos if we find something better suited.

Who sees what I write?

Op-Med pieces are shared with all of Doximity — your audience is your peers. As America's largest professional health care network, Doximity reaches more than one million licensed clinicians, including more than 80 percent of U.S. physicians. Op-Med pieces are shared on the Doximity newsfeed and have a high likelihood of being shared in weekly emails to our members. You can also share your story with your own network outside Doximity.

Is this a paid opportunity?

No. Op-Med gives you a platform to share your stories with more than a million Doximity members, but there is no monetary incentive.

Anything else I should know before submitting?

Your Doximity profile page should have a photo, your specialty, your title, and your practice name or hospital. If you don't have a Doximity account, sign up here. Doximity is a HIPAA-secure private network for verified clinicians only.

I submitted—now what?

Once your piece is successfully posted to Op-Med, you will receive a notification on your Doximity profile. We will only contact you prior to publication if it has been rejected or if we require edits. Due to a high volume of submissions, we do not offer feedback on each submission.

Doximity/Op-Med Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy information is available here.