Podcast of the Week: The V Word

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: Gynecology, Women’s Health, Reproductive Health, Health Policy

Typical length of episodes: About 40 minutes on average

How often a new episode comes out: About weekly

Episode topics: abortion, birth control, fertility preservation, gestational surrogacy, postpartum period

Sample episode — “Uterus for Hire — PART 1”: The hosts clarify what gestational surrogacy is (and is not) in this episode. They lean on contemporary examples, such as Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to explain the various costs and legality of surrogacy. For instance, the latter couple found a 28 year-old woman from San Diego and paid her $68,000 to be a surrogate.

Tidbit about the show: The show’s tagline is “lady bit talks by lady docs,” led by “two badass gynecologists tackling relevant women’s health and reproductive policy issues.” Each episode features at least one interviewee who has firsthand experience on the episode topic. They also include relevant information and reports from institutional leaders in the medical field.

About the hosts: “Dr. Jenn” and “Dr. Erica,” as they refer to themselves on the show, created TVW because they both felt that much of the conversation surrounding women’s health policy isn’t being led by women. They aim for the podcasts to be “a conversation between girlfriends, except your girlfriends are gynecologists,” they say in the first episode.

Jennifer Contri, MD, MS, MSc is an Ob/Gyn physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford Health Care. She is also a medical journalist who is passionate about reproductive health advocacy, both clinically and on the national level. Her reporting can be found on Slate, The Guardian and ABC News. She regularly speaks on online, radio, and television news outlets. When she’s not doctoring, she loves writing, crafting, memorizing British royal history facts, and Twitter-trolling Republican congresspersons.

Erica P. Cahill, MD is an Ob/Gyn physician. She enjoys teaching residents and medical students as part of her generalist practice. She is committed to supporting and creating medically accurate, woman-centered policy nationally and globally. In addition to practicing medicine, she spends her time conducting research to improve contraceptive options, sexual education, global maternal health care, and medical training.

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