Podcast of the Week: The Happy Doc Podcast

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: medical culture, creativity, entrepreneurship, mental health and wellness, physician health, Psychiatry

Typical length of episodes: 30 minutes to an hour

How often a new episode comes out: About once a week

Episode topics: programming and medicine, spoken word medical artists, burnout, evolution of healthcare, being an intern, what happens when you fail medical school, doctor suicide, reclaiming passion in medicine, living authentically

Sample episode — “Why your doctor should daydream”: Guest David Hindin, MD is a 4th-year surgery resident, TEDx Speaker, Youtuber, and innovator. In his TEDx Talk, he discusses the importance of creativity in medicine. He also hosts a YouTube series where he travels across the United States to uncover the most innovative medical schools and programs. As an inventor, he has created Invented Magazine, an application that highlights creative doctors and tech entrepreneurs making a difference in medicine.

Tidbit about the show: With the show tagline as “the voice of fulfilled physicians,” listeners can expect to hear positive tales from doctors in the field.

About the hosts: Taylor Brana, MD is a resident physician and the host of THDP. During his third year of medical school, he had reached a point of complete exhaustion and apprehension about the future. Reading all of the articles about physician burnout and reflecting on his own clinical experiences, he embarked on a quest to understand if it’s possible to be a happy doctor. Fast forward to his THDP podcast and website that has highlighted more than 50 physicians, he believes he has truly has transformed his life and all of those who have been involved in this process.

Listen via: iTunes, Stitcher

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