Podcast of the Week: Medical School HQ

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: medical school

Typical length of episodes: 20 minutes to 1 hour

How often a new episode comes out: About once a week

Episode topics: medical school application process, interview prep, MCAT/AMCAS exam prep, how to handle rejection, time management

Sample episode — “#228 Maintaining Confidence Through the Grueling App Process”: A student who spent years on the Hill helping to lobby for those without a voice shares her story of overcoming self-doubt to become a physician.

228 : Maintaining Confidence Through the Grueling App Process

Mariah has spent years on the Hill helping lobby for those without a voice. Now, she wants to be a physician. Hear her…www.spreaker.com

Tidbit about the show: The podcast aims to help pre-medical students gauge undergraduate programs and medical school, MCAT scores, MCAT prep, the AMCAS, volunteer programs and more. Most interviews are with deans of medical schools, advisors, and others who are well-versed in medical school requirements.

About the host: Ryan Gray, MD is a former flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force. In addition to being the host of MedicalSchoolHQ, he runs several other podcasts on the Meded Media network. He is also the director of the National Society of Nontraditional Premedical and Medical Students.

Allison Gray, MD is a neurologist based in the Colorado area. She is a co-founder of the Medical School HQ podcast.

Listen via: The Medical School Podcast, Spreaker

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