Podcast of the Week: Doctors Unbound

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: having a side or second job from being a clinician, transitioning out of medicine

Typical length of episodes: About 35 minutes

How often a new episode comes out: About once a week

Episode topics: Being a happy and fulfilled doctor, How to thrive in medical leadership, Financial education, Writing and publishing a book

Sample episode — “White Coats and Congressional Votes”: In this shorter episode, listen to physician-turned-US Congressman Andy Harris talk about the start of his political career and give advice to other physicians about transitioning into politics.

Tidbit about the show: Dr. Draghinas wants everyone to get into podcasts, and features two things on his website to help with that. The first are his “Podcast Heroes” where he calls out podcasts he’s currently listening to. The second is a How-To post for setting up your own podcast. Why? “Physicians need to be out there consuming and creating,” Dr. Draghinas says.

About the host: David Draghinas is an anesthesiologist who started Doctors Unbound in September 2017. Five years ago he started an anesthesia-focused website in response to his patients coming in scared and misinformed about anesthesia. People all over the world would write in with their questions.

Listen via: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher

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