Podcast of the Week: Doctor Money Matters

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: personal finance, financial planning for physicians

Typical length of episodes: About half an hour on average

How often a new episode comes out: About twice a month

Episode topics: how changes in medicine affect your financial planning, social media for physicians, how to buy a home, roboadvisors, physician MBAs, and more.

Sample episode — “Episode 17. Valerie Jones, MD — Retired from medicine at age 37: Valerie Jones joins the host to talk about her background, and they discuss why and how she was financially able to retire at such a young age. Dr. Jones has also written extensively for Op-(m)ed.

Tidbit about the show: Each episode features a different physician telling their story about how they’ve dealt with their personal finances and made money for for them. Another recent episode features Kevin Pho of KevinMD fame.

About the host: Tarang Patel, DO is a diagnostic radiologist in Phoenix, AZ.

Listen via: iTunes, Stitcher, Website

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