Podcast of the Week: Blood Bank Guy

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: Pathology, Hematology, Critical Care, blood banking, transfusion medicine, interviews, studying for boards without feeling like you’re studying

Typical length of episodes: 1 hour on average

How often a new episode comes out: About once a month

Episode topics: takeaways from new standards, practical tips for new physicians, trauma situations, allergic reactions, the value of social media for blood bankers, and much more

Sample episode — “033: Straight Talk with an ER Doc with Scott Weingart: Blood bankers and emergency medicine physicians often have to interact in stressful situations. In this episode, Dr. Scott Weingart of the EMCrit podcast, previously featured [here], discusses how to make these interactions go more smoothly.

Tidbit about the show: Blood Bank Guy started this podcast in 1998 to teach pathology residents, but it’s helpful for anyone who wants to learn about blood banking and transfusion medicine. Each episode includes an interview with a professional in the field. He also produces videos and blog posts, which are accessible on his website. Even better, listeners can receive free CME for tuning in.

About the host: Joe Chaffin, MD is a Board-certified Anatomic/Clinical Pathologist and specialist in Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine. He is Vice President/Chief Medical Officer of LifeStream Blood Bank in San Bernardino, CA. He tweets at @bloodbankguy.

Listen via: iTunes, Stitcher, Website

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