Podcast of the Week: Better Health While Aging

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: Geriatrics, caregiving, supporting caregivers, what older patients and their caregivers are listening to

Typical length of episodes: 40 minutes on average

How often a new episode comes out: Every other week

Episode topics: detecting flu in older patients, innovations to help family caregivers, medication safety, advance care planning

Sample episode — “054 How to Make Difficult Decisions Easier: Using Goals of Care and Benefits vs Burdens: how to help older patients or relatives who are resisting help.

Tidbit about the show: Although this podcast is intended for older patients and their family caregivers, it can also be useful for fellow clinicians who don’t necessarily specialize in geriatrics but encounter geriatric patients. It is helpful for anyone who wants to better understand the concerns of these patients and their caregivers and how to best support them.

About the host: Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH is a geriatrician in San Francisco, CA. She is a Clinical Instructor in the UCSF Division of Geriatrics and specializes in house calls and providing consultation to seniors and caregivers.

Listen via: iTunes, Stitcher, Blog

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