Podcast of the Week: Behind the Knife

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: General Surgery, Epidemiology, Trauma, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine

Typical length of episodes: 20 minutes to an hour

How often a new episode comes out: About every other month (more frequent for reviews)

Episode topics: rural surgery, wartime surgery, trauma and critical care, burn care, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, ABSITE reviews

Sample episode — “#150 Grand Rounds: Surgical Interventions for Acute Pancreatitis with Dr. Christian Jones”: This is the inaugural episode of a segment called “Behind the Knife Grand Rounds,” where each month, the hosts ask surgeons around the country to highlight a clinical topic that needs to be updated. Dr. Christian Jones, Assistant Professor of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University, discusses the surgical interventions for acute pancreatitis.

Tidbit about the show: As the name suggests, the show offers a “behind the scenes” look at the interesting, controversial and humanistic side of surgery from leaders in the field. The format includes informal discussions as well as interviews. There are various segments throughout each episode, such as the “opening shot,” “random fact of the day,” “dissection of the day,” and “tips and tricks,” to name a few.

About the hosts:

Jason Bingham, MD is Chief Resident of General Surgery at Madigan Army Medical Center General Surgery in Tacoma, WA. His educational and research contributions include the establishment of a microsurgery training program at his home institution as well as investigating the role of mesenchymal stem cells in limb transplantation. He has several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters in the fields of bariatrics, oncology, and colorectal surgery. His fellowship interests include colorectal surgery, transplant, and surgical oncology.

Kevin Kniery, MD is a surgical resident at Madigan Army Medical Center General Surgery. He is finishing up a year in the lab, where he has worked on improving functional outcomes in limb transplants using a rat model. In addition, he started a project evaluating novel compounds to prevent abdominal adhesions.

John McClellan, MD is a general surgery resident in Washington. He has specific interests in humanitarian and deployment medicine.

Scott Steele, MD is the Chief of Colorectal Surgery at Madigan Army Medical Center General Surgery. He has served four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been awarded the Combat Medical Badge, amongst others. His contributions to the medical literature include over 140 peer-reviewed articles, 60 invited reviews and book chapters, and 12 national practice parameters. He has been a guest editor for five volumes dedicated to colorectal disease, and he is currently an editor on four textbooks in colorectal surgery. He resides on the editorial board for seven national surgical journals, including Annals of Surgery and DC&R.

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