Podcast of the Week: Ask Doctor Dawn

This podcast is good for those who are interested in: Primary Care, breakdowns of medical research, holistic and alternative medicine

Typical length of episodes: About 50 minutes

How often a new episode comes out: Monthly

Episode topics: male contraceptives, supplements, analysis of new expensive drugs, probiotics and the microbiome, antioxidants and cancer, and more.

Sample episode — "Promising medical research such as male contraception and Alzheimer's prevention": Doctor Dawn goes through recent medical research and discusses the title topics as well as how to determine if supplements are what they say they are, diet claims, vertigo, and more.

Tidbit about the show: This show is geared toward patients but can be useful for medical students and other health care providers who want an easy way to learn about the latest research and health trends in their patient populations. It may also offer an interesting perspective for physicians who don't practice alternative medicine but are interested in what their patients may be hearing about and implementing.

About the host: Dawn Matyka, MD is a family practitioner in Santa Cruz, CA. She draws from functional medicine, which emphasizes a systems approach based on both scientific research and aspects of alternative medicine.

Listen via: iTunes, Stitcher

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