#CrazySocks4Docs Raises Awareness of Mental Health in Medicine

Image: Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock

How can brightly colored socks fight the stigma of mental health? One design at a time. Dr. Eric Levi and Dr. Geoff Toogood of Australia co-founded #CrazySocks4Docs, a social media campaign that asked medical professionals everywhere to wear and share their crazy socks on June 1.

What started as a movement in Australia has now gone global, with participants tweeting in from around the world, showing their support and sneak peeks of their socks.

For some, the topic hits close to home.

But it’s an issue that affects everyone, from MDs to students.

Wear your crazy socks — or other crazy clothes — to help support mental health in those that heal.

Check out the hashtag #CrazySocks4Docs, #FunkySocks4Docs and #Socks4Docs June 1 for more crazy footwear and support.

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